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Workshops & Events

Professional Societies

Society for Pediatric Research/American Pediatric Societies:
  • San Francisco CA (May 6-9, 2017)- Neonate Feeding Club: "Oral Feeding Monitoring Approaches in Support of Preterm Infants’ Individualized Management Plan"
  • Boston MA April 28-May 1, 2012 - Neonatal Feeding Club: “Potential Impact of a Preventive Personalized Feeding Program for Premature Infants”, Hot Topics in Neonatal Feeding: Challenging the Future
  • Denver, CO (Apr 30-May 3, 2011)- Neonate Feeding Club: « A simple approach to assess oral feeding skills of preterm infants”
  • Boston MA (May 12, 2000) - Mini Course entitled “The importance of breastfeeding for preterm infants: Management issues during and after hospital discharge”: “Stress and lactation: Implications for the mother of the preterm infant”
  • New Orleans LA (May 1-5,1998): Symposium: Feeding Strategies in Low-Birth-Weight Infants,"Development of Sucking and Swallowing and Assessment of the Readiness for Oral Feeding,
  • New Orleans LA (May 1-5,1998) - Special Interest Groups: Holistic Medicine:" Stress and Lactation - Acupunture and Kangaroo Care”

American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition
22nd Clinical Congress, Lake Buena Vista, FL (January 18-21, 1998): “Infant Oral Feeding”

World Federation of Occupational Therapists
12th International Congress, Montréal, PQ, Canada (May 31-June 5, 1998):"Assessment of oral feeding in the neonate"

Tenth International Society for Research on Human Milk and Lactation
Tucson , AZ (September 16, 2000): “The effect of stress on lactation – Its significance for the premature infant”

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Convention
Denver CO (Nov 12-14, 2015): “Unveiling the scientific foundations to support NICU dysphagia management strategies: A review of the facts, physiology, & functions”.


  • Innara Health, Educational Webinar (September 21, 2017):"Oral Feeding the infant. What do we know?"
  • Mead Johnson, Evansville, IN (June 14, 2005): “Oral Feeding and the premature infant”
  • 108th Ross Conference on Pediatric Research, Phoenix, AZ (April 9-11, 1999): “Human Milk for Very Low Birth Weight Infants - Stress and Lactation"


  • National Association of Neonatal Therapists – Phoenix AZ (April 7-8, 2017) : “A novel Oral Feeding Scale for the Individualized Management of Preterm Infants”
  • Neonatal Nutrition Conference, Houston TX (February 28-March 3, 2010): “Oral Feeding the Infant – What do we know? What can we do?”
  • First Oral Feeding in Premature Infants Symposium, University of Kansas, Lawrence KS (April 14-15, 2009): “The Preterm Piglet-A research model for the developmental study of the upper GI tract in the preterm neonate”
  • 8Th Annual Baby Steps Conference, Pensacola FL (March 6-7, 2008): “Oral Feeding the Preterm Infant- Case Presentations”
  • Neonatal Nutrition Conference, Houston TX (March 5-8, 2006): “Facilitating Oral Feedings in Premature Infants”
  • Baylor Perinatal Outreach Program- 29th Annual Nursing Symposium, Houston, TX (October 28, 2005): “Look who’s feeding!”
  • Neonatal Nutrition Conference, Houston TX , (March 2-5, 2003): “Facilitation of oral feedings by the premature infant”
  • The Physical and Developmental Environment of the High-Risk Infant, Clearwater beach, FL (January 13-16, 2002):Plenary session: “Sucking and coordination of suck-swallow-breathe in the preterm infant” / Workshop : ”Interventions for the enhancement of oral feeding in the preterm infant”


  • Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus OH – Grand Rounds & Workshop (September 8, 2015): “Understanding Infants’ Oral Feeding Challenges in NICUs”
  • Kansas State University Manhattan KS – KAWSE ADVANCE Distinguished Lecture Series seminar: (April 15, 2015): “The Nutritive sucking pathway – Lactation and Stress”
  • Presbyterian Hospital, Albuquerque NM (March 12, 2015): “The Nutritive Sucking Pathway – have our approaches to oral feeding improved in the NICU?”
  • Kaiser Permanente, Oakland CA, Dept of Pediatric Rehabilitation(January 27-28, 2014) : Plenary & Workshop: “Oral feeding the infant –What do we know and what can we do?”
  • Oregon Health & Science University, Portland OR (March 21, 2013) : Grand Rounds & Workshop:“Development of oral feeding skills in preterm infants”
  • The 7th Annual Perinatal/Neonatal Conference “All about the family”, San Jose CA (Oct 30-31, 2012) :“Oral Feeding Issues”
  • Medical University of South Carolina, Pediatrics/Neonatology, Charleston SC (Nov 23, 2012) :
  • Plenary session: “The mechanics of oral feeding in preterm infants” / Workshop: “Oral feeding workshop”
  • Harris Visiting Professorship, , Chicago IL (Nov30, 2012) :
  • “The development of infant oral feeding skills”
  • The 6th Annual Perinatal/Neonatal Conference “All about the family”, San Jose CA (Nov 2-3, 2011):
  • Plenary Session and Workshops: “The mechanics of oral feeding in preterm infants”
  • United Regional Conference, Wichita Falls TX (Oct 20, 2007): “Facilitating Oral Feedings in Preterm Infants”
  • Presbyterian Hospital, Albuquerque NM (December 6, 2004) : Plenary Session: “Oral Feeding in the NICU” / Workshop: “Interventions for the Enhancement of Oral Feeding in the Preterm Infant”
  • Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, Hollywood, FL (September 19-20, 2003): The Medically Fragile Preterm Infant:
  • Plenary session: “Development of suck-swallow-breathe coordination in the preterm / Workshop: “Intervention for the enhancement of oral feeding in the preterm infant”
  • Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston TX (December 21, 2001) : Pediatric Grand Rounds. “Oral feeding in the premature infants”


  • 11th World Congress of Pediatrics – Towards a Better Global Child Health – Luxor Egypt (January 25-28, 2017): “Development of Infant Oral Feeding Skills”; “Evaluation Scales – Evidence-Based Interventions – Individualized Management Care”; “Breastfeeding & the Preterm Mother-Infant Dyad”
  • Unidad de trastornos en la alimentción, Montevideo, Uruguay (November 8-9, 2012)
  • Association de Pédiatrie de la Région du Tensift, Marrakech, Morocco (December 11-12, 2010) : “L’Alimentation du prématuré et du nouveau-né à terme“ Plenary session and Workshop
  • Nijmegen, Netherlands (June 4-6, 2008): Plenary Session: “Oral Feeding the Infant – What do we know?” / Workshop on “Oral Feeding the Infant –What can we do?”
  • Journées Nationales de Néonatologie, Paris, France (March 30-31, 2006): “Biologie du développement de l’oralité chez le fœtus et le nouveau-né”
  • Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Lyon, Lyon, France (March 28-29, 2006): "Pour faciliter l’oralité chez le prématuré - Prévention des troubles de la succion & déglutition"
  • International Pediatric Cardiac Nursing Symposium, Houston TX (November 12-13, 2004): “Feeding: The Hows and Whys”
  • Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Conference, Edmonton, AB, Canada (October 29 & 30, 2004):“Oral Feeding the Hospitalized Infant"
  • XXXIIIème Congrès de l’Association des Pédiatres de Langue Française, Beyrouth, Lebanon (April 9-12, 2002). Neonatology Round Table: « Stress et alimentation maternelle »
  • Xth International Society for Research on Human Milk and Lactation, Tucson AZ (September 16, 2000): "The effect of stress on lactation - Its significance for the premature infants"